Sugar Flowers Finals Day

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Today Was a Good Day.”

It has taken a few days to decide what to post for this challenge, mainly because days I could post as a good or great day, I don’t necessarily have many photos recording them. Or I wouldn’t want to post them for the whole world to see, or you probably wouldn’t want to see them. Today was a good day could be about the days I gave birth to my sons (both night babies) or probably the best one would be the day I not only found out I was expecting Maxi Mister, but my gorgeous niece was also born. A picture of a line on a pregnancy test, and a short text from my brother-in-law do not exactly make up a series of photos representing how good the day was.

So here you have the photos I took the day I completed my sugar flowers course. Six weeks of incredibly hard and fiddly work (including remaking those  flowers I dropped and smashed on the penultimate session) culminated in a 5 hour arranging session, trying not to break anything more before the assessment.

That day was a good day because I passed my diploma!


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