Taggy Blankies

I decided to make one of these for Mini Mister after seeing some on Pinterest whilst doing a trawl for something else. I remember buying one for Maxi Mister when he was a baby, but thought that they could be pretty straightforward to make. And actually, they were, as I had already got the walking foot for the sewing machine.

In fact, I think the hardest bit was choosing all the ribbons – I spent hours choosing them from a variety of online haberdashers. The fabric I chose is one of my current favourites from the Wonder Collection by Ann Kelle for Robert Kaufman, and it is 100% cotton. I bought a beautiful vibrant cuddle cake of smooth plush fabric by Shannon Fabrics, from Plush Addict, for the backing, hence needing the walking foot.

Plush Addict are very helpful with all their fabric guides, which meant I have made fewer errors with fabrics like the plush cuddle since following their advice. Check out their blog as well – the link will be on the Blogs I Follow section.

Anyway, here are the first ones I made, one for Mini Mister, and the others as gifts for friends’ babies:

Photo Collage Maker_udKYvB

Maxi Mister then asked me to make one as a present for his class teacher who was due to go on maternity leave. He chose the fabric (Rainbows again!), but went for yellow cuddle. He also chose the ribbons from my ribbon box and which order they went in. Since he is small still, I did all the sewing for him. Then, I packaged it all up and forgot to take a picture!!!

The most recent I made was a request from one of the other mum’s from Maxi Mister’s class. She chose the material, and I did the rest. I love this one, but don’t really have a reason to make another to keep (although I don’t think Mini Mister would notice the pink).

DSC_2221 DSC_2220 DSC_2218

We have looked into gaining CE certification for these blankies in order to be able to sell them. If we have enough interest, I would love to make more…


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