DP Challenge: Time


In response to the DP Challenge: Time

I am spending most of my time looking at time at work at the moment. Time for tasks. Time for feedback. Time for lessons. But also time for music. Lots of it. That is what happens when you are doing a show at the same time as teaching units on Musical Theatre to Years 7, 8 and 9. Today I covered Oliver, Blood Brothers and West Side Story in lessons, and a singing rehearsal with Fagin at lunchtime.

This is an image generated from Sibelius on my laptop when I was working out the melody line to ‘Kid’s Game’ from Blood Brothers. It shows several time aspects: time signature (bit unusual, that one), note lengths, bar lengths, tempo markings. I wasn’t sure how to present it, but I like this Pop Art setting from my phone’s editor. What do you think?


DP Challenge: Vibrant


In response to Vibrant

Couldn’t resist posting this. Bought the daffodils on Saturday and by last night they had all flowered. They have a very strong perfume and are by far the brightest thing in the room (except the toys). Wonderful to look at while I am doing my work or doing some sewing! 😊