An Apology

Christmas stockings, Christmas presents,

Stockings and Father Christmas presents all ready for Mini Mister and Maxi Mister on Christmas morning at my Dad’s. I made the stockings last year following a tutorial from Sew Scrumptious

Dear all of my readers,

First of all

Happy Christmas

I missed it and I am sorry. In fact, I missed most of December, and for that, I am sorry. Life has been a bit more of a challenge than usual and I just have not felt up to writing much. I have started a couple of posts, and even organised pictures for a couple of the picture challenges, but I just didn’t get up the energy in order to complete anything. My anxiety about a lot of things has been overwhelming at times. The longer I have not blogged or even done sewing and other favourite activities, the harder it has been to get started with them again. I even found myself avoiding my WordPress reader and Bloglovin’.

I have missed writing, though, and missed my blog. I have also missed reading other people’s blog posts (I currently have 700+ emailed blog posts in my inbox to go through), so if I didn’t comment on anything important, I am sorry for that too!

I plan to return to both my blog and my crafting with renewed vigour next year (tomorrow, in fact, for those of us who haven’t yet reached midnight). I have been baking a bit this month and I have more baking and sewing projects planned or partially done. I think maybe they should form part of a New Year post so will say no more for now.

I also have a post I want to write based on a Facebook status I made as we drove home from our pre-Christmas weekend away.

I have new avenues which must be explored and some difficult things that I have to do very soon and really don’t want to, but I will approach them all with a positive attitude as I must swim and not sink.

I will see you next year and promise to be a better blogger. Have a great New Year celebration! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉


P.S. I have to try to remember my WP log in details as hubby kindly got me a new tablet for Christmas, so I really need to log in from there rather than charging my Nexus up just to blog! It may take a while…