DP Challenge: Optimistic

In response to the DP Challenge: Optimistic

RSPB Rainham, hubby, Maxi Mister

Hubby and Maxi Mister on the boardwalk at Rainham Marshes. The RSPB building is the odd-looking structure behind them on the left. Looks odd, but gives amazing views!

Last time we attempted to walk round the loop at RSPB Rainham Marshes on New Year’s Day, we had to give up due to the utterly appalling weather. We made an optimistic start this year as it wasn’t blowing a gale or below zero, and finally made it round. It is lovely walking here, even when the weather is a bit grey.


DP Challenge: Alphabet

In response to the DP Challenge: Alphabet

Phonics practise, DP Challenge

Phonics practise on a magnetic sketch board


I was a little stumped with this. I have pictures of letters hubby made for Maxi Mister from Lego. I have appliquéd letters, made sugarpaste letters, played with letter flashcards with Maxi, packed away somewhere a whole set of Duplo letters, embroidered an alphabet sampler for my cousin (many, many years ago). But apparently have no pictorial record of any that I haven’t already shared.


Then Maxi informed us he was bored with drawing on his magnetic sketch board. So he started writing his phonics blends from this last week. As you do. We discussed words to go with them. And then I had a lightbulb moment: Phonics go with Alphabet.  Photo sorted!

We discussed the meaning of gait as he didn’t know it was different to a gate (he does now), and I am not totally convinced that they have actually done ae (I think it is more likely to be a_e), but he insisted they have.

Words are: day, gait, who, what, toy, noise, aerial

Better late than never…Plans for the Year

I really need to get my blogging mojo back. I keep having lots of lovely ideas and even get as far as planning out whole posts in my head, but I just don’t seem to be able to put pen to paper, so to speak. Mind you, I have been procrastinating with everything recently. I have loads of projects on hold. I really need a kick up the bum!

Anyway, as someone who likes lists, I decided to create a list of projects and plans. Being a visual person, a bog-standard list was not for me. Remember my list of likes from a Blogging U post? I copied myself, so here is my current (unfinished) list. I think I will investigate all the funky little icons I can add to the mind map in order to indicate which I have finished etc. over the course of the year. And, of course, I can add to it. I have tried to be specific on some things and slightly more vague on others to hopefully give me a chance to complete everything I want to. What do you reckon?


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