Sugar Flowers Module

Spring 2014 (a few months pregnant):

Week One: This was unwired flowers. We made plaques and embossed and sprayed them, allowing them time to dry. Then we moved on to learning how to make a variety of flowers using cutters and plenty of flower paste. Flowers included gerberas, roses, primroses, winter roses and poinsettias, as well as rose and ivy leaves.


Week Two: The beginning of wired flowers (I had done classes for this before, but it is always good to try out different ways of making sugar flowers). We covered pulled flowers, buds, mexican hat-based flowers and different ways of attaching leaves to wires. We also prepped our blackberries, rose cones and lily pistiles, as these need a longer drying time than the class time allows.


Week Three: Roses and blackberries, using the cones made last week, then fruit blossoms and the lilies. More prep was needed for week 4: orchids and carnations this time, with a request to make more at home.


Week Four: Lots of little flowers this week. Prep for mini arum lilies, followed by making carnations and cymbidium and cattaleya orchids. Then the arum lilies were completed, a whole pile of ivy leaves, and all the components for freesias. We were set a lot of homework from this class, taping wires (and not taping in some cases), covering boards, making lily buds. Busy, busy, busy!


Week Five: This should have been the final class, but there was too much to cover still, so we set to work on lilies, sweet peas, lily of the valley, honeysuckle, ribbon loops, calyxs for the flowers, tendrils and other foliage. Mind-boggling!


Week 6 (extra week): And so to the arranging. The class was spent completing flowers needing dusting (and fixing in a few cases), redoing blackberries in my case, since I had dropped mine and all the bits fell off, completing freesias, and then arranging, wrapping stems, posing and photographing. I was very please with the final outcomes. What do you think?

              Photo Collage Maker_ixQYnh


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