About Me

Caking and sugarcrafting is the best! Oh, and sewing quilting and patchwork too. And probably some drawing or embroidery. Basically, I am turning into my Mum!

Proud Mama of 2 boys (a crazy 8-year old and an even crazier 3-year old), married to hubby for quite a few years now, I teach (OK, I am crazy too!), I sing (but usually only nursery rhymes instead of musicals or oratorios), I read (not as much as I used to) and I sleep (not enough!).

Picklepiemama mini and maxi

My 2 crazies last summer

A few years ago I started baking again, and then got introduced to the wonderful world of sugarcraft. I wish I could make a career out of that, but I am having fun experimenting and learning from some wonderful teachers. More recently, I dug out the sewing machine I inherited from Mum when she died, and have become addicted to sewing and ribbons and gorgeous, beautiful, scrummy fabric. I started making useful things for family and friends, before adapting one of my makes for my sugarcraft tools. Now I can’t stop making and have a massive long list of projects to complete and some airy-fairy idea of selling my projects.

Brush Roll, sugarcraft tools

Combining my 2 crafty areas – homemade storage roll with sugarcraft tools inside

So this blog is to document the ups and downs of my journey through the worlds of sugarcraft and sewing/quilting, and maybe, one day, I will get that career in one or the other medium…