Sugarcraft and Celebration cakes

From Maxi Mister’s first birthday cake to a charity fundraiser Miffy cake, these are the celebration cakes I have made so far.I love doing them, despite the planning and time involved. I wish I got a chance to do them more often – one day…

First Birthday cake – I had a badly broken right arm when I made this, so excuse any mess. Hubby carved the boat shape from the chocolate Madeira I made, but I did everything else. The number 1 was a vanilla Madeira. I really wish that we had taken better photographs of this.

DSC00307      DSC00308

Second Birthday cake: I went all out with this one and decided to make the carousel from In the Night Garden. This took several days, but I love it! These days I would make the figures as well, whereas these are the toy figures I had bought the previous year. At some point, I will update this to include a collage of how I created the cake. The bottom 2 tiers are cake and the carousel top is a flowerpaste-covered card dummy.

DSC01049   second birthday

My first Wedding cake: This was for my youngest sister. She decided on a giant cupcake made by me and a tower of standard cupcakes made by our middle sister. As a winter wedding, she went fr white/silver and purple as her colours. The giant cupcake was a vanilla Madeira, crumb-coated in butter-cream and covered with sugarpaste, shaped and dusted to resemble a cake case. The swirls for the top were butter-cream and I made the snowflakes from flowerpaste. The Lego figures are real Lego rather than modelled ones.

DSC01120    DSC01121

New baby cupcakes: Vanilla cupcakes with butter-cream and sugarpaste toppers


Jubilee Cake: This was a practice at covering and stacking cakes. Both cakes were Madeira


Baby Shower Cakes: Vanilla cupcakes and Lemon Surprise cupcakes with butter-cream and hand-made sugar decorations


Mini cakes made for a friendship celebration (the two colours used were the favourites of the ladies the cakes were made for):

mini cakes (1)

40th Wedding Anniversary Cake: this was an ombre vanilla Madeira with a sugar flower arrangement

DSC_0291   DSC_0289

Third Birthday: Race Track cake, made with 2 Madeira cakes, split, filled and places side by side before crumb-coating and covering with sugarpaste. Decoration is sugarpaste and butter-cream, with fully edible sugar cars

third birthday DSC_0312

Fourth Birthday: Abney and Teal cake (Madeira and chocolate Madeira cakes with sugarpaste/flowerpaste models). I loved making all of the characters, especially Neep and the Poc-pocs!

4     1

Christmas Cake: a carved Madeira cake with butter-cream filling

christmas house

Christmas Gift cakes: 4in rich fruit cakes, marzipanned and covered with sugarpaste

christmas gift cakes

Fifth Birthday cake: Lightning McQueen – Madeira cake made using a Wilton tin. This was split, filled and crumb-coated with butter-cream, then covered with sugarpaste built up in layers to create the character. Cupcakes were vanilla choc-chip with hand-made edible sugar toppers.

fifth birthday

Christmas Fundraising Cake: an 8in rich fruit cake covered with marzipan and sugarpaste

christmas pta

Christmas Gift Cakes: 4in rich fruit cakes, marzipanned and covered with sugarpaste

christmas gift 2

Miffy Fundraising Cake for a Bliss Coffee Morning: Vanilla Madeira cake, butter-creamed and covered with sugarpaste. All models are hand-made and fully edible, made from a mix of sugarpaste and flowerpaste. This was another cake I loved making 😀

DSC_1726    DSC_1720


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