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Picklepiemama Projects

I have been prepping like crazy over the last couple of weeks, and now have loads of projects ready to go. I could have done them one at a time and actually got some finished, but I decided to take the opportunity of having no little people in the house to have the iron, pressing board, and cutting mat all out. Little fingers are far too inquisitive. So the hexies have been progressing in the evenings and the project prep during the day (in breaks from housework, cooking, and volunteering at Maxi Mister’s school).


I have worked out an order in which to do them, but it may well change. This is because I need to press some of them as I go along, and therefore can’t work on them when the children are around. And because I get distracted far too easily!


Here are my prepped projects. I plan to post about each as they are done, so look out for lots of pictures.

1. Angel Wings Bag – this is a commission from a friend for her daughter. It is based on the drawstring bag from Georgina Giles, which I have used before.

2. Tablet Cover – I have based this on the gorgeous one that Caroline from SewCanShe made in January. I have had to do some jiggling around of sizing to fit my tablet, so hopefully it will work…

3. Beach/Pool Bag- I spotted this tutorial a couple of weeks ago and plan to make 2 of them, as I can forsee we will probably need both while we are away.

4. Grandmother’s Flower Garden Pincushion – I started this over the Easter holidays as I wanted a handsewing project that I could finish quickly. It has taken me a while to get my bum in gear to get wadding for it, but it is now ready to quilt and make up. I bought it from Sew & Quilt, from the very helpful Jessie

5. Bionic Gear Bag – this was introduced to me by the lovely ladies on the UK Quilters United Facebook page. Not only was I amazed at how much you can squeeze into this little bag, I was also intrigued by the challenges it presents with making it, as it is apparently rather complex. I can’t help thinking it is a bit like an Ikea flat pack. This, by the way, is from a paid for tutorial via Craftsy. I don’t normally try things that have bought patterns, but it was just too tempting.

6. Maxi Mister’s Quilt – yes, I have finally prepped his quilt. I have had the fabric for over a year, and it has been pressed for about 2 months. But I have now made a start…

7. Pattern Weights – still haven’t decided which shape I am doing these, and they are not urgent, so bottom of the list they go.

If that lot isn’t enough, I also have a couple of other commissions in the offing as well, and of course my hexie quilt. I really need to get going! 😊




Better late than never…Plans for the Year

I really need to get my blogging mojo back. I keep having lots of lovely ideas and even get as far as planning out whole posts in my head, but I just don’t seem to be able to put pen to paper, so to speak. Mind you, I have been procrastinating with everything recently. I have loads of projects on hold. I really need a kick up the bum!

Anyway, as someone who likes lists, I decided to create a list of projects and plans. Being a visual person, a bog-standard list was not for me. Remember my list of likes from a Blogging U post? I copied myself, so here is my current (unfinished) list. I think I will investigate all the funky little icons I can add to the mind map in order to indicate which I have finished etc. over the course of the year. And, of course, I can add to it. I have tried to be specific on some things and slightly more vague on others to hopefully give me a chance to complete everything I want to. What do you reckon?


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Writing 101 – Day 8

Picture from Liberty's website

Picture from Liberty’s website

Being challenged to think about comments we have written on other blogs, and to expand on one of them, has prompted me to look back over all of the other blogs or pages I have visited over the last couple of months. I find that it hooks me in further to those other world’s and I can quite easily get lost and use up a whole evening – hence this post being a day late.

I ended up getting pulled in to not only this blog, but also her linked Pinterest page. VeryBerryHandmade had posted some gorgeous fabric. That was it. A picture. It cauht my attention.

PicklePie MamaSep 6, 2015

I love the first Michelle and the Felicite, as well as the teapots (its pink, so need I say more?!!!). I haven’t really looked at Liberty for fabric before (too enamoured with certain American designers and Makower), but these are prompting a possible new fabric love affair! The question is, what can I make with them…

OK, to be fair, it doesn’t take much to get me lusting after new fabrics, and there are some really pretty ones in her post. But then she replied this:

veryberryhandmadeSep 8, 2015

Hi – I have a Liberty Inspiration board here on Pinterest if you need some ideas!

Oh dear! As you already know, I am addicted to Pinterest. That’ll be a few more things to add to my project list. It expands again!

I think I will see what you think of my project list, if I should add anything, and what I should try next. Look out for it…


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Connected.”



I could have posted a picture of my mixer with its blades connected, but since I have just finished my first round of hexies, I thought I would post these connections instead.

The basting shows up beautifully on the lovely purple Kona fabric. The fabric is also connected directly to the card template as it has a dot of washable glue sticking it in place – a really fab suggestion from The Zen of Making.

I really wasn’t sure about the whip stitches on the pouch when I first made it, but now, when I look at those tiny green stitches down the sides, I feel really proud that I got them so neat (for me) and I love them. The flower is whip stitched together and then blind stitched to the case.

As for the other connections, I have now basted 390 hexagons and will now be taking a break to work on some other sewing projects and Mini Mister’s birthday and Christening cakes. Pictures will follow… 😊

Projects, projects, projects!

It has occurred to me that I am trying to do 4 different projects at once. I think this may be a little too much, since I am bouncing from one to another without getting very far in any. I really need to prioritise and stick to completing one before moving on to another – please note that this may be wishful thinking! Here is my list (currently in no particular order):

  • Chair covers for a couple of childrens’ whicker chairs
  • Mum’s quilt
  • A Jelly Roll Jam quilt
  • My hexie quilt

Two of those, at least, are long term projects.

The most urgent is probably completing the chair covers as they are needed at my Dad’s in just over a week. However, since I won’t have access to my sewing machine for the next few days, I think that will have to be completed last minute before we visit Dad. Could be a long night!

The Jelly Roll Jam quilt will have to wait as I need spray starch before I do the next stage. I will have some lovely links for you with that one. Any suggestions on good spray starch would be gratefully received.

So, it is toss-up between Mum’s quilt and my hexies; flower-making or hexie-basting?

I prepped the fabric (or some of it) for my hexies over the last few nights. I have no idea how many squares I cut other than it being in 4 figures (eek!), but it still may not be enough. Don’t you think they are pretty though? (Camera and lighting do not do them justice – I really must refrain from taking photos at night with my tablet and not a decent camera!)


Flower-making or hexie-basting?

I think I may see what mood I am in tomorrow!