A Catch Up

I am sitting writing this (and hoping it will save as I have no wi-fi) in the car in the middle of a field near Sandwich in Kent. I realise this seems a little strange, but I can explain. Mini Mister fell asleep during our drive out here, and since his routine is totally out, any time he actually naps at the moment is a blessing. Hubby had to sit in the car with him yesterday, so it is my turn today. At least I have all the windows open and there is a lovely strong breeze blowing through to keep us cool. It has been rather too warm the last few days for me (and the children, to be honest, as it makes them more crotchet than usual). As for the where, well, the picture shows my current view, Richborough Fort.

Richborough Picklepiemama

Richborough through the windscreen

We last came here when Maxi was a baby (and bumped into the then Archbishop of Canterbury in the shop/exhibition), so decided a return visit was needed. It is a huge open area, with loads of Roman ruins and plenty of space for the kids to run around. Since we are staying near my Dad’s place (and my middle sister and her family are staying with Dad) we have 4 smalls between us to entertain. This should keep them occupied for a bit (well except Mini, as previously mentioned). Richborough was the site of a huge port until the area silted up. The coast is now further away and the fort has fallen into ruins. But the remains of the Saxon walls are impressive (the Saxons used the remains of the Romans fort to build their walls).

Richborough Picklepiemama

Spot the child – Maxi in front of one of the walls at Richborough (picture courtesy of Hubby)

So, a catch-up. Yet again, I have not been writing my blog as often as I should. But it is the summer holidays and we have been quite busy. I have worked my way through some of my sewing projects whilst Mini has been at Nursery and Maxi has been either at football camp, Playscheme or his grandparents’ place in Suffolk. Some housework and clearing out has taken place, but I still have loads to do. I have attempted some baking and making, but since I am following Slimming World, I haven’t tried that many cakes and biscuits. I have, however, discovered that quark is quite good for mousses, learnt how to use powdered and leaf gelatine, rediscovered how many different kinds of dishes can be made with 0% fat Greek yogurt (sweet and savoury), and eaten my bodyweight in fruit and veg! Some experiments didn’t work well and need tweaking, some we never want to eat again, but mostly they have been successes. I do get through an awful lot of fat-free yogurt though!

Summer visits with the kids have included soft play in various places, the beach in Southwold, a few castles (we are planning on another this afternoon, and yet another tomorrow), RSPB MinsmereThames Chase Forest CentreThameside Nature Park (Essex Wildlife Trust), a railway exhibition, the East Anglian Transport Museum in Carlton Colville, the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway (all the way out to the power station at Dungeness), the Sealife Adventure in Southend, and a theatre trip with Maxi only to London to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane and hunting Dream Jars near the theatre. We have read a lot, done lots of crafty things, been paddling in pools and the sea, got muddy, got very tired, caught the sun, poured sand out of clothes and shoes, got through a lot of suncream, and had a lot of fun. Me and hubby even managed to get a night away to go to Birmingham so I could go to the Festival of Quilts at the NEC (so much creativity in one place was truly inspiring – and I now have even more projects lined up…).

Anyway, I think I will wrap it up there for the moment, and go back to sewing hexies. Mini is still asleep, so the above image may be my only view of Richborough today 😊


#BEDN/DP Challenge – Ornate

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Ornate.”

I decided to combine a couple of challenges, especially as I have missed a couple of days of #BEDN. I have missed Self-Care Sunday (I think my self-care was just chilling out with hubby after the stresses of the previous couple of days), and yesterday’s Style (to be honest, I was a bit stuck with that one).

Today’s is Family. So these pictures are for my family. They are from a lovely part of the world, somewhere my parents always wanted to go back to, somewhere my sisters have holidayed more than me, somewhere we lived until I was 4. I have chosen to juxtapose different types of ornate-ness – compare the millenia-old temple carvings to the centuries-old cathedral.

Tarxien Temples

Carved spirals, Tarxien Temples, Malta

Tarxien Temples

Goddess Statue, Tarxien Temples, Malta

St. John's Co-Cathedral High Altar

High Altar, St John’s Co-Cathedral, Valletta, Malta

St. John's Co-Cathedral Nave

Nave, St. John’s Co-Cathedral, Valletta, Malta

Sculpture, St John's Co-Cathedral, Valletta, Malta (I can't find what this one is, even on the cathedral's website. If anyone knows, please let me know)

Sculpture, St John’s Co-Cathedral, Valletta, Malta (I can’t find what this one is, even on the cathedral’s website. If anyone knows, please let me know)

Creepy – The DP Photo Challenge

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Creepy.”


I haven’t posted much this week, but then I haven’t made very much or attempted new things as we have been away. We were with family (although staying separately to them) and I asked advice from them on this week’s challenge. The answers given were slightly (actually very) weird and began to make me worry just a little more than usual about the sanity, or lack of, of us all!

Then I spotted the Pierrot on the window sill. I don’t necessarily find Pierrots creepy, but clowns are another matter. Pierrots I can cope with as long as it isn’t dark and spooky where they are. Clowns freak me out completely. I had a play around with the photo app on my tablet and made the Pierrot look more creepy than it did in full daylight with everyone around me. I can’t give you a picture of a clown, as we don’t have any around (thank goodness!) and to be honest, I wouldn’t want one on my nice cozy blog because it would be there, staring at me every time I logged in and went to my Media Gallery.

The Pierrot belonged to Mum, and I am sure she sewed me a Pierrot costume when I was little. I can vaguely remember the scratchiness of the netting ruff. I don’t think I will be attempting one myself!