Pratchett-a-thon 2

Moving Pictures book

Current read

I thought I would take the opportunity of both Mini and Maxi being occupied with painting and drawing to update you as to how my Pratchett-a-thon is going. Especially as I think I may need a break for something else for a bit (or it could just be that I am not that enamoured with the current or previous books). I have managed to read almost every day for the last 6 weeks, which is a change for me. Granted that sometimes it has been 5 minutes before I fell asleep at night, but at least I am reading (not so easy when you have 2 small children).

I have worked my way methodically through the first lot of books, enjoying again the adventures and escapades of Rincewind,  Twoflower, The Luggage, Granny Weatherwax,  Nanny Ogg, Magrat Garlick, Mort,  Death, Teppic, and many others. What a wonderful array of names! I even dug out my copy of the Map of Discworld to check out where some of the story locations are in relation to each other.

Pratchett aficionados may notice a glaring absence of one set of characters from the above list; namely the guards of the City Nightwatch. It isn’t that I don’t love them, but I found rereading their first dedicated book, Guards! Guards!, required more effort than I expected. I am not really sure why, but am having the same issue with Moving Pictures, and I don’t recall having felt like this previously. Maybe, as I said earlier, I need a break for a few days and to read something else entirely…

Anyway, I have now read the following:

The Colour of Magic

The Light Fantastic

Equal Rites



Wyrd Sisters


Guards! Guards!

Moving Pictures (current read)

I have had to miss out Eric as I discovered, for some random reason, that I don’t have a copy. I have definitely read it before, so must have borrowed a copy. No idea why I didn’t buy it, but it is currently winging it’s way to me via Amazon Prime.

Oh, and I have finally caught up on watching the Sky adaptations of The Colour of Magic and The Light Fantastic, and watched the first half of Hogfather  (must finish that soon). I have had the DVDs for years. Oops!

I am also trying to work out how to make a cake version of The Luggage. Watch this space…😊



In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Connected.”



I could have posted a picture of my mixer with its blades connected, but since I have just finished my first round of hexies, I thought I would post these connections instead.

The basting shows up beautifully on the lovely purple Kona fabric. The fabric is also connected directly to the card template as it has a dot of washable glue sticking it in place – a really fab suggestion from The Zen of Making.

I really wasn’t sure about the whip stitches on the pouch when I first made it, but now, when I look at those tiny green stitches down the sides, I feel really proud that I got them so neat (for me) and I love them. The flower is whip stitched together and then blind stitched to the case.

As for the other connections, I have now basted 390 hexagons and will now be taking a break to work on some other sewing projects and Mini Mister’s birthday and Christening cakes. Pictures will follow… 😊

Inspiration – The DP Photo Challenge

mum embroidery

Embroidery, beading and appliqué pictures created by Mum

I enjoyed completing the photo challenge last week, so thought I would have a go at another. This week The Daily Post have gone with the following:

Inspiration : This week we want you to show us what inspiration means to you.

mum cakes

Cakes created by Mum in the 1970s, with no amazing sugarcraft tools or ingredients, no formal training, and definitely no internet tutorials. The chocolate owl is mine and I have never forgotten it!

Last night I wrote a very long, meandering post that was trying to be clever. I thought better of it and will just leave you with these collages of a tiny proportion of the wonderful things my Mum made when we were very young. They inspired me and my sisters to have a go, and continue to do so.

Here’s to you, Mum. I hope we make you proud!