I start my Pratchett-a-thon tonight. Reading through all of the Discworld books in order again, including the last 2, which I have got but haven’t read yet. Add to these a load of his other books, and I am going to be going for a while. I had planned on starting this after Terry Pratchett’s death last year, but with one thing and another, it was yet another challenge/project I hadn’t started. Here goes…

The Colour of Magic 😊


Oh, and the hexies are over a thousand now…


Hexie Counter

Makes and Ends

Yet again I have had a huge gap in my blogging. I have done things, and I have come up with loads of ideas for posts, but just not got round to finishing them. But since it is half term, I have had a good Bank Holiday weekend at Dad’s, and I am shattered from organising the house (looonnng way to go yet), I have been baking and sewing. Because, of course, that is what you do when you are so tired, you seriously contemplate using matchsticks to keep your eyes open 😀

This evening’s offering is a Chocolate and Coffee Marble Loaf Cake, recipe courtesy of The Pink Whisk. I originally planned to make this last week, and even got as far as measuring out the butter, but never did anything else. Anyway, it was an easy, basic sponge cake recipe, with a bit of flavouring, a bit of swirling, and then a bake. It looks like the original and tastes lovely. Will definitely be making this again.


Chocolate and Coffee Marble Loaf Cake

I made cheese on toast for Maxi Mister earlier as well, but that doesn’t really count as baking. He is quite easy to make meals for as he eats most things, although does go through random spates of hating things (one time it was only melted cheese, then only orange cheese, then only grated cheese, then no cheese – argghhhhhhhhh!). Mini Mister is harder to cater for as he doesn’t want to eat anything he hasn’t specifically decided is OK for any particular day. And that changes hourly, let alone daily. Yes, it is his age, but who doesn’t like chips???!!! At least he tends to eat well at Nursery. We did discover yesterday that he seems to like cheese toasted inside a tortilla (had lunch at Chimichanga in Canterbury), but, of course, if I try giving it to him, he will probably reject it (“No more” is the death knell for an awful lot of meals at the moment).

On Monday I made a beef pie with the remains of the roast beef and gravy from Sunday lunch that Dad had cooked. It was nice, but both Hubby and I thought it would have been improved by the addition of an onion and some mushrooms. With Mini and Maxi being fussy about both (OK, they won’t eat them!) I didn’t even suggest adding them. I did, however, decide to cheer up the top and make it obvious what had been made for lunch:




Over the weekend I have also been sewing. Since I have done so many hexies now, but haven’t started sewing them together, I decided to have a go at a mini project which I could aim to finish soon – a Flower Garden Pincushion . I got the kit from Sew & Quilt when I ordered my latest lot of hexie blanks. I also ordered some of the Tulip Hiroshima piecing needles that Jessie sells, just to see how I found them compared to my usual John James quilting needles. Jessie has also been really helpful asnwering a load of questions I had about thread, despite them being about a quilt top totally unrelated to the EPP things she sells. So far, I have basted all the tiny little hexies needed for the pincushion, and sewn the first 7 together. They are really pretty, but oh so tiny (half inch, compared to my usual 1 inch). My aim is to finish piecing and to quilt it by the weekend if I can…

Hexie flower pincushion centre

Centre flower for pincushion

I have a whole truckload of other makes and bakes to tell you about, including several presents, and at least 1 recipe for a cake. They will be in future posts (as soon as I finish them…)

And as for Ends….well, my job has finished. For a variety of reasons I left at the end of this half term. I could have finished at Easter and been paid to the end of April, but I decided the extra money was worth the extra weeks. I have had a difficult few half terms, especially the last couple, mainly resulting from huge anxiety issues which have nearly overwhelmed me. I have yet to decide whether to blog about those. It may help, it may not. Suffice to say, that I have been really lucky to have the support of our local GPs and my Health Visitor. And leaving the job means I no longer have a difficult commute which was increasingly taking me away from my children. I have regrets. There are colleagues I will miss terribly, and some of the classes I taught and lots of the kids. I loved doing the shows. Loved the space I taught in.

But it was time to end and to move on. An end after nearly 12 years, and an end to the commute. Hopefully this means more time for making as well as more time with my wonderful children and husband.


And the other Ends? Well, they get posts of their own 😊

A Bit of Baking After A Break

You may, or may not, have noticed that I haven’t posted in a long time. It wasn’t intentional, and I am aware that, yet again, I have not been a good blogger. Real Life has been rather busy and I just haven’t managed to catch up with much. Several sewing projects have been abandoned part way through, I have done little baking, and although I have thought about blogging, I just didn’t have the time to dedicate to it. I intend this to change, as I need to have more time for me and my family. I have to get going again with everything, as I love making stuff.

I have a couple of sewing projects from earlier in the year to blog about, and am trying to catch up with my list of cakes to bake. The only thing I have really managed to continue working on, is my hexie stash. I think that will keep for a separate post, though, as I would like to show off the prettiness in all its glory.

Today I got myself in gear and tried out one of the cupcake recipes which has been on my Try List for ages. It did involve me sitting on the kitchen floor going through several different cookery books, as I couldn’t remember which one the recipe was in. I knew it was one I had bought a few years ago, but wasn’t in the one I expected. I eventually found it (in the book which had fallen down the back of the shelf, typically) and gave it a go. Here they are:

Turkish Apple Tea Cupcakes

Turkish Apple Tea Cupcakes

I am pleased with how they turned out, and they taste really nice. They are made with Turkish Apple Instant Tea from Whittard. I was a little concerned about how they would taste when I made up the tea as it really did not smell nice, but it was very concentrated. The cakes have a good apple flavour and smell without being overbearing, and are light and fluffy inside, while still remaining reasonably moist. The buttercream is also made with the instant tea and has a refreshingly sharp tang to it. Overall, we thought the flavours were more subtle than we were expecting, but this is a good thing.

I would definitely recommend trying out the recipe, which comes from The Hummingbird Bakery‘s book ‘Cake Days‘ – Apple Blossom Cupcakes. This book and rdcipe helped to kickstart my interest in sugarcraft as the recipe and illustrating pictures show the use of sugarpaste and flower cutters to produce decorations for the cakes. That goes to show how long these cakes have been on my Try List, as I did my first cupcake course nearly 5 years ago!

As for future developments, I have several of Whittard’s other instant teas, and think I will adapt the recipe for those at some point too. So keep an eye out for English Fruits Cupcakes, Cranberry & Raspberry Cupcakes and Dreamtime Cupcakes 🙂

DP Challenge: Time


In response to the DP Challenge: Time

I am spending most of my time looking at time at work at the moment. Time for tasks. Time for feedback. Time for lessons. But also time for music. Lots of it. That is what happens when you are doing a show at the same time as teaching units on Musical Theatre to Years 7, 8 and 9. Today I covered Oliver, Blood Brothers and West Side Story in lessons, and a singing rehearsal with Fagin at lunchtime.

This is an image generated from Sibelius on my laptop when I was working out the melody line to ‘Kid’s Game’ from Blood Brothers. It shows several time aspects: time signature (bit unusual, that one), note lengths, bar lengths, tempo markings. I wasn’t sure how to present it, but I like this Pop Art setting from my phone’s editor. What do you think?

DP Challenge: Vibrant


In response to Vibrant

Couldn’t resist posting this. Bought the daffodils on Saturday and by last night they had all flowered. They have a very strong perfume and are by far the brightest thing in the room (except the toys). Wonderful to look at while I am doing my work or doing some sewing! 😊

DP Challenge: Optimistic

In response to the DP Challenge: Optimistic

RSPB Rainham, hubby, Maxi Mister

Hubby and Maxi Mister on the boardwalk at Rainham Marshes. The RSPB building is the odd-looking structure behind them on the left. Looks odd, but gives amazing views!

Last time we attempted to walk round the loop at RSPB Rainham Marshes on New Year’s Day, we had to give up due to the utterly appalling weather. We made an optimistic start this year as it wasn’t blowing a gale or below zero, and finally made it round. It is lovely walking here, even when the weather is a bit grey.

DP Challenge: Alphabet

In response to the DP Challenge: Alphabet

Phonics practise, DP Challenge

Phonics practise on a magnetic sketch board


I was a little stumped with this. I have pictures of letters hubby made for Maxi Mister from Lego. I have appliquéd letters, made sugarpaste letters, played with letter flashcards with Maxi, packed away somewhere a whole set of Duplo letters, embroidered an alphabet sampler for my cousin (many, many years ago). But apparently have no pictorial record of any that I haven’t already shared.


Then Maxi informed us he was bored with drawing on his magnetic sketch board. So he started writing his phonics blends from this last week. As you do. We discussed words to go with them. And then I had a lightbulb moment: Phonics go with Alphabet.  Photo sorted!

We discussed the meaning of gait as he didn’t know it was different to a gate (he does now), and I am not totally convinced that they have actually done ae (I think it is more likely to be a_e), but he insisted they have.

Words are: day, gait, who, what, toy, noise, aerial