#BEDN – Not what it was supposed to be…

There’s no love more intense than the love we have for our kids — and where there is intense love, there is also intense fear lurking beneath the surface. I’m making motherhood sound so appealing, aren’t I?

But, in fact, there is nothing that can bring you closer to fearlessness about everything else in the world than being a parent — because everyday fears — like not being approved of — pale by comparison to the fears you have about your children.

Arianna Huffington in The Washington Post

A quote which sums up the last day or so for me. This is a short post, and one which doesn’t match the BEDN topic for today, but we are all very tired and need some sleep.

Mini Mister is home. He has a viral chest infection and has spent the last 24 hours being given steroids and a nebuliser or inhaler frequently. His temperature is more under control, his breathing is better and he is coughing much less. We have to do 3-hourly sessions with the inhaler, which is a nightmare as he is terrified of the spacer mask on his face. 10 puffs each time. But it is working.

We are so lucky to have been able to get him treated quickly and well. We are thankful for the receptionist at the GP surgery who gave me an appointment even though I phoned at the wrong time, the GP who decided it wasn’t worth the risk waiting until Monday to see if he would improve, the overstretched paediatric A&E who eventually saw him and moved him through to the Assessment Unit, the nurses who did his obs and cared for him all night and day, the consultants and doctors who checked him over and didn’t rush to get him out because they needed the beds (the childrens’ wards were full), the fact that we have free health care which despite all its issues and detractors, still looks after and cares and mends us and our children.

Thank you to all of them for caring! 😊


2 thoughts on “#BEDN – Not what it was supposed to be…

  1. The person I was telling you I follow who gives out religious advice periodically is david@gospelrelevance.com If you sign up to follow his blog he will email it to you when he has a new update available. He has an electronic book available for free on the subject of prayer. Worth the read, but you may prefer to keep up as your have been doing. Obviously it works if you were able to see a decent doctor for your son’s breathing troubles!


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