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The 1st November. I had originally decided to start my new regular series of A-Zs, covering lots of different areas of our interests, to coincide with the 1st if each month. Then, in a mad moment, I signed up to do the Blog Every Day in November challenge (BEDN), courtesy of Elizabeth at Rosalilium. Since I was having a minor writing block, I decided to combine the 2.

The inspiration for the A-Zs came from Carol’s recent posts at The Writeful Mind. I did originally think about trying to do 1 a week, but that is probably pushing it, so I am going to aim for 1 a month, possibly 1 every couple of weeks if I get ahead of myself (hmmmm…). This is on top of blogging every day this month, and working, and having a young family. Double hmmmmm…..

A-Z 1: Me!

A: Anna – my first name is actually Anna, but I am not usually known by it. My sisters are the same. Our parents put our usual names in the middle. I am quite used to being called it though, and will answer to it quite happily.

B: Ballet – Mum took me to see my first, Giselle, when I was 6 or 7. Can’t wait to take Maxi and Mini to see their first ballets

C: Coffee cake – my favourite!

D: Dog – who is nearly 41 years old!

E: Essex – My adopted county. I have lived here since I started teaching. Contrary to popular belief, it is not full of air-heads with big hair, white stilettos and fast cars. And we live in a gorgeous little village in the southern part of the county

F: Fabric – OK, this isn’t a new thing about me, but I am utterly obsessed with fabric, especially Riley Blake, Michael Miller and Robert Kaufman fabric

G: Girls’ Own – I collect old Girls’ Own school stories, especially The Chalet School series by Elinor Brent-Dyer

H: Helvellyn – One of the fells I have climbed in the Lake District. I still have Scafell Pike and Bowfell to do, so really need to get fit enough again to be able to manage them. It has been more than 10 years since  I did both Helvellyn and Great Gable.

I: Icing – I used to love icing in all its forms. Since getting into cake decorating, I have gradually gone off it. Except coffee or mint buttercream. I could eat them quite happily. It will be a sad day if I go off those. But the rest I can do without.

J: J Names – J is the most prevalent starting letter of names in my immediate family. Me and my sisters are all J’s, one sister is married to a J, hubby has a J somewhere, my youngest nephew (to date) is a J, Maxi’s middle name, that of my oldest nephew and my brother-in-law are all Js, as was my mother’s. There are probably more!

K: Kent – where my family comes from. Dad moved back there, and my youngest sister and her hubby live not far from him.

L: Lemonade – I drink vast quantities of this, but it has to be sugar-free and definitely not have aspartame in it (so, in fact, I can only get it from Sainsburys and M&S)

M: Malta – where I was born, although I am not Maltese

N: Necklace – I used to make jewellery for myself. I still have all the bits and pieces, including some gorgeous beads. I really ought to have another go at some point…

O: Oboe, Gabriel’s – by Ennio Morricone. I walked up the aisle to this, having fallen in love with it a few years before. I sat in a cold car, listening to it on Classic FM, not knowing what it was called, but even then I could see me walking up the aisle to it. It was played by organ and trumpet for our wedding.

P: Pedantic – I am!

Q: Quiche – I make good quiches, even if I do say so myself. Mmmm, maybe I should make a quiche this week…

R: Recorder – the first instrument I learned to play. I studied Renaissance and Baroque recorder as part of my degree. My other instrument (other than Voice – see V) is piano

S: Suzanne – my wonderful mother, who I still miss every day

T: Teacher – my paid job

U: University – I spent 6 years doing a variety of courses, all at the same Uni

V: Voice – my main instrument, and the one I have done most of my training in

W: Witches, The and Watch, The Night – my favourite sets of books from Discworld, from my favourite author, Sir Terry Pratchett

X: X-rays – I had vast numbers of these after I fell and smashed my arm into bits a few years ago

Y: Yolks – I hate runny yolks. Eggs need to be well-done, although I will accept slightly soft for boiled or poached eggs. And scrambled eggs must be silky and soft and definitely not hard and over-cooked. I am a bit fussy 😊

Z: Zzzzzzzz – I am always tired, even when I have slept well. And yes, I know having 2 small children automatically induces tiredness, but I was like this pre-children. Luckily, the boys love their sleep too 😊


2 thoughts on “Blog Every Day in November – Something New About Me

  1. Great post! I love your idea for the A-Z theme, too. I love doing my A – Z series, because it’s a lot of fun. Did you see the one I did about movies?

    Thank you for the pingback. I will keep visiting and hope you do the same! {Hugs}


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