DP Challenge – Treat! Mmmmmmm!

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Treat.”

This is an ideal subject for me. We are at hubby’s parents’ place for the weekend, and there is the opportunity for all manner of treats. I suppose I really should be posting pictures of treats I have made, but not being at home makes it difficult to do any baking.

Hubby suggested the first of the day’s treats:

Two Magies Bakery, Sausage Roll

These are lovely, warm scrumminess, and you definitely don’t need much else to eat. Ours were the shop’s standard sausage rolls, but hubby and his Dad went for ones which included black pudding as well! My favourite are the ones they put apricots in, but there weren’t any today.

The shop these come from? The rather lovely, and, I gather, upwardly-mobile in the baking awards world, the Two Magpies Bakery in Southwold. We love getting treats from here, and the ultimate treat is to eat in and have a coffee too!

Two Magpies Bakery

Two Magpies Bakery, Southwold

They also make the most wonderful sourdough loaves, and we got one as a treat today.

Southwold sourdough

Southwold sourdough loaf

Southwold Sourdough


The next treat has been waited for (really no room after that luscious sausage roll), and will be savoured with a cup of tea: Hazlenut Brownies. Yes, again these are from Two Magpies. They did well out of us today!

Chocolate hazlenut brownie

Other treats have been a wander on the pier and the chance to take in the views, as well as a naughty hot chocolate in one of the pier’s coffee shops.

Southwold, lighthouse

Southwold seafront, towards the lighthouse, from the pier

Southwold, beach hut

Beach huts on Southwold Promenade

A generally gastronomic day of treats, and I intend it to continue tomorrow, since I think a visit to the Adnam’s Shop is a must. A bottle of my favourite Adnam’s Prosecco to take home ready for Christmas, and time for a coffee in their coffee-shop whilst hubby chooses beers and Maxi Mister gets to run around the nearby playground like a loon, sounds like an ideal morning to me. Definitely a treat!


5 thoughts on “DP Challenge – Treat! Mmmmmmm!

  1. Sounds scrummy
    We’re lucky enough to have an award winning butchers in our small town – they make fantastic pies, my favourite being pork, blackpudding & apple. I can almost taste the sausage rolls with blackpudding you had ☺


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