Hexies and Quilts and Half-Term Fun

A really good day today. Not only have I managed to complete my Jelly Roll Jam quilt top, I have also finished another set of hexies, ready to move on to a new colour and some miniscule shapes. And Maxi Mister and I had some quality time together.

The quilt top really shouldn’t have taken this long, since it is quite straightforward. But other things have got in the way. It needs pressing properly and then I have to quilt it and bind it. I think the scary bit is still to come! In the meantime, I get to choose some backing fabric and something for binding it, as well as deciding on the type and weight of batting/wadding to go in the middle. Who knew quilts were so complicated?! ☺

Jelly Roll Jam, Riley Blake Fancy Free

Central portion of Jelly Roll Jam quilt top

On the other hand, I have been very lucky to get some help and advice from Deborah at Fat Quarter Shop (where the pattern comes from). I emailed on a whim to ask about binding, and she has been full of suggestions and has even emailed me a video tutorial link. I will put all these bits on a proper summary post when the quilt is finished.

Back to hexies, and I have now hit 460 completed hexies! It sounds a lot, but considering I am aiming for at least a queen-size quilt, I have probably completed about a fifth of all those I need to baste. Don’t they look pretty though?


I have 2 sets ready to baste, 3 to prep, and another 8 FQs ready to cut up. As I said previously, I am going to be doing this one for a loooong time. I have prepped some mini shapes this evening to have a go at over the weekend, so they may be ready for a post next week.

In other news, Hubby’s much-delayed birthday cake (with any luck) will be happening tomorrow, and I am going to be making him some cupcakes to take to work a week on Monday. He should have had them this Monday, but, as you know, we were all ill, and next week his co-workers are off on a test trip somewhere, so they have to wait another week.

I also have to make Maxi’s cake next week as he turns 6! How can I have a 6-year-old??? It only seems like yesterday he was a bouncing, giggling toddler. Now he is a bouncing, giggling giraffe of nearly 6-year-old gorgeousness. We had a great day today, going to the cinema and then out for lunch, just the 2 of us. I loved listening to him shriek with laughter watching Hotel Transylvania 2. And, of course, we had his choice of Wagamama for lunch (complete with his favourite ‘giant peas’ – edamame to the rest of us).

Hopefully tomorrow will be as good as today is all respects… 😊


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