Welcome to half term! Now be ill…

I have got behind on everything – reading blogs (I have a huge backlog in my inbox and on my Reader and Bloglovin’), writing posts (including a tutorial), doing housework, doing planning, arranging music for work, spending half term having fun with my kids. And all because of a rather nasty little virus which Mini Mister picked up at Nursery last week. He was ill Friday night, I followed Sunday and hubby yesterday. Only Maxi Mister is unscathed so far, so let’s hope it stays that way.

Photo from Trip Advisor

Photo from Trip Advisor

Because I am still not completely well, I have lost out on the chance to take Maxi to the theatre in London for the first time – I had booked a last minute pair of tickets to see Cats at the London Palladium. I am just hoping that paying for ticket insurance was worth it, and we get a refund. Of course, that doesn’t make up for the fact that I had planned an awesome day of travelling on as many different types of transport as possible (including his first trip in a black cab), going to see the Egyptian exhibitions at the British Museum, followed by dinner at Wagamama (he has always called ‘The Noodle Shop’), and then stalls seats (OK, they were at the back, but still…)  for Cats. At least I had only told him yesterday, so it was only me who had been looking forward to it. Another time…


Anyway, huge apologies for being late on everything, and especially the lovely reader who asked me to help out with a Twirlywoo cake (I am so sorry I didn’t get a tutorial done). Now to catch up on everything, and I hope half term improves from here 🙂


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