Writing 101 – Day 8

Picture from Liberty's website

Picture from Liberty’s website

Being challenged to think about comments we have written on other blogs, and to expand on one of them, has prompted me to look back over all of the other blogs or pages I have visited over the last couple of months. I find that it hooks me in further to those other world’s and I can quite easily get lost and use up a whole evening – hence this post being a day late.

I ended up getting pulled in to not only this blog, but also her linked Pinterest page. VeryBerryHandmade had posted some gorgeous fabric. That was it. A picture. It cauht my attention.

PicklePie MamaSep 6, 2015

I love the first Michelle and the Felicite, as well as the teapots (its pink, so need I say more?!!!). I haven’t really looked at Liberty for fabric before (too enamoured with certain American designers and Makower), but these are prompting a possible new fabric love affair! The question is, what can I make with them…

OK, to be fair, it doesn’t take much to get me lusting after new fabrics, and there are some really pretty ones in her post. But then she replied this:

veryberryhandmadeSep 8, 2015

Hi – I have a Liberty Inspiration board here on Pinterest if you need some ideas!https://www.pinterest.com/aliatveryberry/liberty-inspiration/

Oh dear! As you already know, I am addicted to Pinterest. That’ll be a few more things to add to my project list. It expands again!

I think I will see what you think of my project list, if I should add anything, and what I should try next. Look out for it…


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