Writing 101 – Inspiration from Social Media

Does it?

I practise the art of Procrastination. Always have and probably always will.

It possibly does mean I don’t get as much done, but I usually end up reflecting and replanning and refining and reorganising in my mind whilst I procrastinate, so arguably it produces a better outcome.

I read through the responses to the original tweet. I think I agree with the first. Surely it does both. That is what my response implies so far.

At the moment, my procrastination means that I keep going back again and again to the instructions and video for the quilt I am currently making. Maybe it will turn out better than it would have done as I have had more time to embed everything, and to plan the parts I have to create without help. I don’t know. It isn’t measurable is it?

On the other hand, my procrastination is going to mean I am more likely to get stressed out whilst trying to create Mini Mister’s birthday cake. I only have 2 weeks and really need to get going with the modelling now.

So, no more procrastinating by writing this post. Cake and quilt, here I come!


7 thoughts on “Writing 101 – Inspiration from Social Media

  1. I love your response! For me, it’s essential to my creative process. I don’t think I get less done. I think I spend my procrastination reorganizing and rearranging my to do list. It makes me more productive because of it.

    As an aside, I’m so impressed you can quilt, and, I’m not going to lie, a little jealous.


  2. I understand “going back to the instructions again and again..” I’m a crocheter and just recently completed a shark blanket for my grandson. I kept misreading the instructions and had to go back and read them again and again. If that’s procrastination I think everyone should procrastinate because I agree you get a better product.in the end. The same goes for my writing. I love to rewrite and rewrite because each time my writing impro ves. Thanks for supporting my point of view and giving it a name: procrastination!

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    • Thanks for that. It is good that someone else agrees with me about instructions. I think I worry too much that I will get it wrong if I don’t do it. But also, I end up forgetting bits because I just don’t get on with things quick enough. 😊


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