In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Connected.”



I could have posted a picture of my mixer with its blades connected, but since I have just finished my first round of hexies, I thought I would post these connections instead.

The basting shows up beautifully on the lovely purple Kona fabric. The fabric is also connected directly to the card template as it has a dot of washable glue sticking it in place – a really fab suggestion from The Zen of Making.

I really wasn’t sure about the whip stitches on the pouch when I first made it, but now, when I look at those tiny green stitches down the sides, I feel really proud that I got them so neat (for me) and I love them. The flower is whip stitched together and then blind stitched to the case.

As for the other connections, I have now basted 390 hexagons and will now be taking a break to work on some other sewing projects and Mini Mister’s birthday and Christening cakes. Pictures will follow… 😊


One thought on “Stitches

  1. Thank you for the comments. At the moment it isn’t linking to my FB page for Pickle Pie. I need to get it there rather than my personal page I think. The best way to keep a check is to follow me on here.
    BTW, I think I have only done about a fifth (at the very least) of the hexagons I actually need. It is going to take a while… 😊


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