Creepy – The DP Photo Challenge

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Creepy.”


I haven’t posted much this week, but then I haven’t made very much or attempted new things as we have been away. We were with family (although staying separately to them) and I asked advice from them on this week’s challenge. The answers given were slightly (actually very) weird and began to make me worry just a little more than usual about the sanity, or lack of, of us all!

Then I spotted the Pierrot on the window sill. I don’t necessarily find Pierrots creepy, but clowns are another matter. Pierrots I can cope with as long as it isn’t dark and spooky where they are. Clowns freak me out completely. I had a play around with the photo app on my tablet and made the Pierrot look more creepy than it did in full daylight with everyone around me. I can’t give you a picture of a clown, as we don’t have any around (thank goodness!) and to be honest, I wouldn’t want one on my nice cozy blog because it would be there, staring at me every time I logged in and went to my Media Gallery.

The Pierrot belonged to Mum, and I am sure she sewed me a Pierrot costume when I was little. I can vaguely remember the scratchiness of the netting ruff. I don’t think I will be attempting one myself!


2 thoughts on “Creepy – The DP Photo Challenge

  1. Clowns are ranked among the most creepy things to most people. Children are really affraid of clowns! And I’m seeing a lot of old dolls in this set of creepy photos by other bloggers. Yours is kind of beautiful, not over-made-up.


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