Quick Makes 1

Just did a lightning fast make, a random idea after my niece’s tooth fell out this afternoon. Since we are all away from our homes at the moment, my middle sister and her family staying with my Dad, and our little family staying in a gorgeous little cottage 10 minutes from my Dad, the tooth needed to be put somewhere less likely to be lost.

As I had my hexies on me, I thought a would make a pocket for the tooth with scraps of material. It was easier, in the end to make it hexagon shape as everything is already cut.


All I did was baste 2 hexagons, sew them wrong sides together using tiny whip-stitches round 4 sides, and then whip stitch the edges of the 2 remaining sides on each hexagon. I did remove the basting, but it probably could be left since I only basted the seam allowance and not through to the front of the hexagons.

I think it could be improved with the addition of a snap at the top point to hold it closed, but I don’t have mine with me, so it stays as it is, certainly for the moment. It could also have an appliquéd or embroidered name initial on one side, or even make it out of smaller hexies and diamonds. In fact, there are endless possibilities…

What do you think?

Just hope the Tooth Fairy can find her way here…


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