Beneath Your Feet – DP Photo Challenge


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Beneath Your Feet.”

I have made the decision to aim to complete the Daily Post’s Photo Challenge as a weekly regular post. I think it will be good for me to have to think about something more challenging, and since I use lots of photos anyway, it fits quite nicely.

Beneath my feet is the floor of our living room and the pedal for my sewing machine. A yellow ball has snuck into the picture. These represent my life at the moment – although I am not sure if the stripy socks are included in that!

I was sewing chair cushions last night, hence having my foot on the pedal. I have actually managed to finish one of my projects! It did take me til midnight to finish, but the covers are done. I still have several projects to complete…


The yellow ball is one of a very large number that seem to be permanently decorating the living room. Mini Mister loves his ball pit, but that also includes kicking balls out of it, tipping it up to let more out, or upturning it to crawl around underneath. It is like having a brightly coloured tortoise crawling round the room! I gave up trying to pick up the balls yesterday after he had emptied the lot 3 times. I think some of them are still there now 😀

And the floor. Well, it is laminate and drives me insane currently, as I have to clean it at least once a day. It collects everything, which is not good when you have a messy eater and a baby who is weaning. I despair of ever having it clean for more than 5 minutes.

But it is the floor we chose when we moved in. The house was new and the first we owned together. A lot has happened since then. The house has seen us get engaged and then married from it. The early loss of 2 babies and the arrival of a rainbow baby (Maxi Mister). The beginning of my caking journey (and vast amounts of sugar) and the rediscovery of my sewing interest. And finally the arrival of a miracle baby (Mini Mister), who actually arrived in the house as he couldn’t wait for me to get to hospital. Luckily he had our lovely new bed to cushion his arrival, rather than the hard laminate floor!

So, there it is. Beneath my feet is my life, and I love it!


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