Projects, projects, projects!

It has occurred to me that I am trying to do 4 different projects at once. I think this may be a little too much, since I am bouncing from one to another without getting very far in any. I really need to prioritise and stick to completing one before moving on to another – please note that this may be wishful thinking! Here is my list (currently in no particular order):

  • Chair covers for a couple of childrens’ whicker chairs
  • Mum’s quilt
  • A Jelly Roll Jam quilt
  • My hexie quilt

Two of those, at least, are long term projects.

The most urgent is probably completing the chair covers as they are needed at my Dad’s in just over a week. However, since I won’t have access to my sewing machine for the next few days, I think that will have to be completed last minute before we visit Dad. Could be a long night!

The Jelly Roll Jam quilt will have to wait as I need spray starch before I do the next stage. I will have some lovely links for you with that one. Any suggestions on good spray starch would be gratefully received.

So, it is toss-up between Mum’s quilt and my hexies; flower-making or hexie-basting?

I prepped the fabric (or some of it) for my hexies over the last few nights. I have no idea how many squares I cut other than it being in 4 figures (eek!), but it still may not be enough. Don’t you think they are pretty though? (Camera and lighting do not do them justice – I really must refrain from taking photos at night with my tablet and not a decent camera!)


Flower-making or hexie-basting?

I think I may see what mood I am in tomorrow!


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