Pickle Pie Mama???!!!

It has occurred to me that I have not explained the title of my blog or my blogging name. This is very remiss of me!

Most of what you need to know about me can be found here: About page

As for the name, well Pickle Pie is the name I gave my line of brush rolls when I started making them for other people. You can’t really call it a company, as it isn’t registered (yet), but I own a domain all ready for a lovely new website, should I get round to selling properly, and I have a FB page with the name. I even went as far as to buy custom-made labels to sew into the things I make to sell (note to self: I must order more).

So, since I plan on showcasing my makes on this blog, I decided to continue the use of the name. I couldn’t have Pickle Pie on its own as someone has already used that, so Pickle Pie Mama I became.

And why? Because I am a Mama to 2 Pickle Pies, the gorgeous and wonderful Mini Mister T and Maxi Mister A. Two conquerors of my heart, and two very pickley little boys 😀

So there you are. That’s me! Bye for now 🙂


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