Cake experiment

I haven’t made a cake for a while, despite having planned to try this particular one for a while:

Chocolate cake with Marmite Caramel Buttercream

It intrigued me. I love Marmite. I love chocolate cake. Would they go together?

The cake went well, although more long-winded than most cakes I tend to make, and reminded me of a chocolate brownie when I took the tins out of the oven. The smell was yummy!

The problems started when I tried to make the buttercream. It is not a standard recipe, although the creator has based it on a Primrose Bakery recipe (which I probably have somewhere). I really thought I had followed the instructions properly, but it just wouldn’t thicken. I am not sure if I boiled the initial mixture too long or not long enough, whether I should have got it much cooler before I added the final lot of icing sugar, or whether I just can’t make icing like that in this weather. If I had time and unending supplies of ingredients, I would experiment further to work out how to get it right (I hate failing!). In the end, I put it in the fridge. It was better, but still didn’t work well on the cake and produced a bit of a mess, to be honest.

At least I had finished it. We didn’t try it until tonight as it took me so long to sort out the buttercream. I left the whole cake in the fridge as the icing softened again outside, and that made the cake far too solid. It tasted nice but I didn’t like the texture (note, this is my fault for putting it in the fridge, not the fault of the original recipe). However, I had put a bit too much Marmite in the icing and I also found it too sweet.

Slice of my cake attempt

Slice of my cake attempt

I don’t think we will be doing this one again. It just didn’t work enough for me to want to correct the mistakes I made.

Chalk that up to experience – Note to self: Marmite and sweet things DO NOT WORK!

P.S. I think I am going to explore more of Lay the Table’s recipes as there are some lovely looking things on there: Lay The Table

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